How to Stop Home Foreclosure For Over 2 Years Without Making Payments: Do it Yourself for Free — Here’s How

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You can stop home foreclosure and stay in your home for over two years without making monthly mortgage payments. Indeed, it has been done for many homeowners for years now; as long as you know how to proceed in every situation and how to use the law in your favor you can delay the foreclosure process for a very long time.

Stopping Foreclosure: Goverment Program HAMP Not Working Out So Great

The President’s New Mortgage Modification Program hasn’t worked out as well as it was initially planed. Over 80% of homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure are being left behind because of the very tough requisites to qualify for the new program. [See related post: Home Loan Modifications: 30% of Those Made in 2009 Were Seriously Delinquent or in Foreclosure Process — Lessons Learned]

Stop Foreclosure — Or at Least Delay the Process

There are, however, many things you can do to stop home foreclosure and delay the process so you can stay in your home for a very long time. This is not very hard to do when you have the right information at your fingertips, and you can do it all by yourself.


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Some Things NOT to Do If You Want to Stop Foreclosure

I. Don’t Sign Anything: First, do not abandon your home or sign any document or your title out to anybody. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many people fall victims of foreclosure scammers. [Related Post: Foreclosure Scams: 5 Things to Look for Before Using Any Company That Promises to Help You Stop Foreclosure]

II. Don’t Opt for Quick Fixes: Second, don’t fall into the trap of short sale or any other quick fix. Usually these quick fixes don’t save your home or are pure scams, so be aware of predators.

III. Don’t NOT Stay in Touch With Your Lender. If your Lender already filled foreclosure against your property; contrary to what many people believe, you can stop home foreclosure just by calling your lender and agree to a repayment of your late payments. This is not an attractive mortgage refinance activity, but it will get you some time for you to prepare for the battle.

Already in Foreclosure? There’s Still Hope

If you already received the Foreclosure Summon this is what you do: Since you have twenty days in most States to answer the Foreclosure Notice, wait at least two weeks, then answer the notice accordingly. This will get you one month or more that you can use in your favor.

One thing you should know is that the Foreclosure Notice has to be received and signed for by a member in the house in order to be legal. They can’t just drop it on the mail. You can use this on your favor as well.

Note: Get the Timeline For Foreclosure In All 50 States.

As soon as your alternatives wear down you can and should require a Hearing in the Local Circuit Court. When you know how to do this the right way you will be able to stop home foreclosure for many months. These are only a handful of little tips and strategies you can star using in order to stay in your property.

There Is Almost Always a Way to Delay (or Stop) Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a process and there are ways for you to delay that process and stay in your home mortgage-free for a few years even if you do not qualify for The Obama’s Loan Modification Plan or any other Program, even if you have not income at all. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the many tactics and strategies available for fighting foreclosure.

To stop foreclosure and stay in your home is of up-most importance not only because it can potentially save you thousands of dollars, but because it will ensure that you maintain the ability to qualify for future programs.

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