Home Foreclosure: Answer to the Question, “Can My Wages be Garnished?”


A common fear for homeowners facing foreclosure is that their wages will be garnished. This can cause added stress because these are already difficult financial times. Following is some info that may allay your fears as you go through this difficult process.

And the answer is . . .

No, as you go through the home foreclosure process, your wages cannot be garnished. The legalities behind this is that the home itself is pledged as the collateral for the loan (mortgage) – not your wages or any other property. So while you’re in foreclosure, your wages are safe from garnishment.

But, you’re not out of the woods.

What will happen moving forward if you are not able to become current with your mortgage is that your home will be sold. You have several options here. One of the most common is the deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Home Foreclosure: What is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?

 It’s when the you (the home owner) signs over all rights to the home back to the lender — in lieu of allowing them to foreclose on the property. You can do a deed in lieu with recourse, or without recourse. You could be held responsible for the balance (deed in lieu with recourse), depending on what you work out with your bank/lender.

What you want to get from your lender in these circumstances is an agreement for a deed in lieu without recourse. This means the lender can’t come after you for any balance due.

Yes, your credit will suffer if you proceed with this option (with or without recourse). But at this point, who cares. Your credit is probably already in the dumps anyway.

Back to your wages being garnished . . .

Wage Garnishment & Home Foreclosure: Your Rights When Dealing with Creditors

Many unscrupulous lenders will use the threat of wage garnishment to try to bully you into continuing to make mortgage payments – even when you can’t afford it. Don’t fall for it.

And by the way, this tactic is patently illegal.

Bone up on your consumer rights when it comes to debt repayment. They vary from state to state. But across the board, creditors can’t bully you, lie to you or threaten you on any level. Remember this fact when dealing with creditors — whether you’re discussing wage garnishment during the foreclosure process, credit card debt or any other kind of debt.

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