Foreclosure Cleaning, Construction & Commercial Supply Contracting/Job Leads for 4/16/2012

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Property Preservation Specialists Sought by Bank of America (Plano, TX): Mitigates loss to lender and investors by managing the maintenance and repair of bank-owned foreclosure properties (REO properties). Get full details on this property preservation job. Bank also seeks property preservation specialist for San Bernardino, CA area.

Property Preservation Vendors Sought (Salinas, CA): Scope of Duties: Work on foreclosed properties doing this like property inspections, preparing estimates, lawn maintenance, changing locks, board ups, trash and debris removal, general cleaning, etc. Pays weekly! Get full details on this property preservation job.

Property Preservation Specialist (Westlake, TX): Scope of Duties: Responsible for handling the daily activities related to protecting/preserving foreclosed properties for investors. You will utilize an existing customer service platform to prioritize work tasks associated with maintaining the timely and accurate maintenance of a property. Pay Rate: $15/hour! Length of Contract: 5 months.  Get full details on this property preservation job.

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Property Preservation Contractors Sought (Portland, OR): Scope of Duties: Perform repairs on foreclosed properties, eg, hang dry wall, paint, roof repair, HVAC installation/repair, etc. Must have liability insurance. Get full details on this property preservation job.

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Property Preservation Contractor (Savannah, GA): Scope of Duties: Maintain bank-owned properties, eg, mow lawns, perform minor repairs, prepare estimates of work needed to be done, remove trash and debris, board up windows/doors, secure property (eg, change locks), etc. Get full details on this property preservation job.

Large Property Preservation Co Seeks Experienced REO & Property Preservation Contractors (Calimesa, CA & Other States (AZ, NV, WA, OR): Seeking property preservation and foreclosure clean up companies who provide the following services: evictions, lockouts, lock changes, sales cleans, debris removal, hazardous removal, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, boarding up windows/doors; winterizations, pool cleaning, etc. Get full details on this property preservation / foreclosure clean up job.

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