Foreclosure Cleaning, Construction & Commercial Supply Contracting/Job Leads for 1/10/2012

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Property Preservation Contractors (Dallas, TX ): Seeking reliable contractors throughout the Dallas area who have property preservation experience. Equipment Needed: Truck trailer, own lawn equipment and basic tools of the landscaping/property maintenance trade. Other Qualifications: Ability to travel to and from Rockwall daily to pick up/drop off work is critical, and need working knowledge of HUD guidelines. Get full details on this property preservation job.

Property Preservation Crews Needed (Miami, FL): Primarily Broward & Palm Beach Counties. Professional landscaping and cleaning crews needed to mow grass, do janitorial refreshes, and bid for jobs on vacated/foreclosed-on properties. Rate of Pay: $20/25 for cuts; other jobs paid on a case-by-case basis (will be discussed during interview). Get full details on this property preservation job.   

Property Preservation (Entire Area of AR): Immediate work available. Large property preservation company seeking to hire subcontractors to perform a wide range of duties on foreclosed on / vacant properties, ie: winterization, landscaping/lawn maintenance, trashouts, boarding up, changing locks, lite construction repairs, etc. Liability insurance necessary. Rate of Pay: You will be paid weekly; rate will depend on type of duties performed. Get full details on this property preservation job.  

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Property Preservation & Maintenance Contractor Needed for Foreclosure Work (American Falls, ID): Scope of Duties: Changing locks, boarding up windows and doors, trashouts, winterization, perform minor property repairs, etc. Pay Schedule: Paid weekly. Get full details on this property preservation / foreclosure cleaning job

Construction Rehab Contractors Sought (Toledo, OH): Large, national property preservation company seeks contractors in Toledo (and surrounding areas) to service bank-owned (ie, foreclosed on) homes. Duties include performing repairs and doing general property write ups. Liability insurance necessary. Get full details on this property preservation / foreclosure job.

Preservation Contractor (Beaumont, TX): Help needed ASAP! Property preservation company seeks subcontractors to handle cleanup, trashouts and do repairs on foreclosed properties.  Equipment needed: Truck, trailer, lawn care, generator, air compressor and assorted hand tools. Pay: This is a subcontracted job, hence, you will be paid on a per-job basis; pay depends on duties completed. Candidate with experience in general home repair is ideal. Scope of Duties: lawn care, lock changes, patching roofs, replacing/installing windows, etc. Get full details on this property preservation job.

Skilled Property Preservation Contractors Needed (All of New Jersey):  Contractors will be working on bank-owned / foreclosed properties. Scope of duties: Duties include, but are not limited to: mowing grass / general lawn maintenance, changing locks, doing trashouts, bidding on minor property repair jobs, accurately filling out property condition reports, etc. Must be able to meet stringent deadlines. Get full details on this property preservation job.

Residential Property Inspector (West Virginia):  Company seeks freelance home inspectors to conduct visual and QC inspections for certain zip codes in the West Virginia area. Scope of Duties: Photograph property exterior and interior (where necessary) for lender for mortgage and insurance records. Rate/schedule of pay: Inspectors are paid twice monthly; $8 per drive-by inspection, which only takes a few minutes most times. General liability insurance required. Get full details on this property inspection  job

Contractors Needed to Work on Foreclosures (Gillette, WY): Duties include, but are not limited to: making lite repairs, winterizing the property, landscaping/yard maintenance, trashouts, board ups, changing locks, lite construction repairs, etc. Liability insurance necessary. Rate of Pay: You will be paid weekly; rate will depend on type of duties performed. Equipment needed: Tools, digital camera, truck, trailer, internet access. Get full details on this property preservation job.  

Contractors Needed for Foreclosure Jobs (Jackson, TN): Company seeks property preservation and maintenance contractors to work on foreclosed properties. Pay: Weekly (depends on duties performed); immediate work available. Scope of duties: lawn care/maintenance, winterization, janitorial, trash removal, security property via boarding up windows and changing locks, etc. Liability insurance needed. Get full details on this foreclosure job.  

 City Requests for Proposals / Bid Requests

Following is some important info to keep in mind as you peruse the listings below . . .

 A Note about Missed Bid Deadlines, Pre-Bid Meetings, Etc.

Sometimes contracts get cancelled, reassigned and/or re-issued. Sometimes winning bidders pull out and/or are fired. Other times, not enough qualified bidders apply. We say all this to say, contact the applicable agency to see if your bid can still be accepted if you’ve missed a pre-bid meeting and/or the deadline to submit has passed.

Good luck in the bidding process!

City Request for Proposal – Landscaping: Stone Mountain, GA: The Evermore Community Improvement District Board of Directors is seeking a professional landscape maintenance contractor to provide for the maintenance, care and upkeep of the State Highway and local street right-of-way (ROW) within and bordering the Evermore CID. The intent is to give the contractor the overall responsibility of ensuring that all street ROW areas within the district, regardless of parcel ownership, sustain a consistent, high-quality appearance. Pending approval by the Evermore CID Board of Directors, it is anticipated that the effective date of this agreement would be no sooner than February 1, 2012 and would terminate January 31, 2013. Deadline to submit: January 16, 2012. Get full details on this city contract for landscaping services.

City Bids Requested for Pool Cleaning Services – Miami, FL: The purpose of this Invitation to Quote is to solicit sealed quotes for pool cleaning and maintenance services at the pool located at the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute. Get full details on the city contract for pool cleaning/maintenance services (must give email address to receive full bid info).

City Request for Proposal – Landscaping (Columbus, OH): This Procurement is a Small Business Set Aside for landscaping and related services to the Kinneary U.S. States Courthouse. Scope of Services: Provide following to North Side of Building, flower beds and lawn areas along Long Street and Marconi Blvd: mow grass; de-weed flower beds and sidewalks; trim shrubs, bushes and dead tree limbs; edging; mulching all areas of south lawn; remove litter/debris. Work commencement date: Work under this contract is expected to commence on or about March 1, 2012.  Deadline to Submit: 1/27/2012. Get full details on this city contract for landscaping services.

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