Foreclosure Horror Stories: From Ramming SUVs into Homes to Deadly Shootouts, Some Facing Foreclosure Act Drastically


Losing one’s home is fraught with stress, tension and fear. Some homeowners facing foreclosure are not taking it laying down though. They’re fighting back in some unconventional ways.

Following are four homeowners who took drastic action because they were facing foreclosure.

To Stop Foreclosure, Man Barracades Himself Inside Home

After having surgery and subsequently losing his job, this Ohio homeowner got fed up with banks who he says won’t work with him to help prevent foreclosure. So, he’s barracaded himself inside his home and has vowed to stay there until his “demands are met, or he’s dragged out.”

Read more on this Ohio man who is fighting foreclosure in this unique manner. Or, see his story in the video below.


Man Bulldozes Home to Avoid Foreclosure

Another frustrated homeowner facing foreclosure actually bulldozed his own home rather than let the lender take it, saying:

When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn’t going to stand for that, so I took it down . . .


Read more on the homeowner who bulldozed his home rather than lose it to foreclosure.

Homeowner Gets into Fatal Shootout with Cops Resisting a Foreclosure Eviction Notice

Unfortunately, this case took a tragic turn when a homeowner, Mark D. Fussner, got into a 22-hour shootout with police who were trying to evict him from his ome. The article, Cops enforce illegal bank foreclosure Homeowner dies resisting eviction, details the tragedy in the following manner:

Two . . . officers had come to Fussner’s home . . . to carry out a writ of eviction after foreclosure. Fussner reportedly ordered the bailiffs to leave his property and said he would open fire to defend his home. [The officers] left but returned with armed cops determined to carry out the eviction. The bailiffs’ provocation led to the shoot-out.


Sadly, all of this was unnecessary as two days before this tragedy, President Obama had signed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act. Part of this act stipulated that some lenders put a moratorium foreclosures and work out solutions with homeowners. Mr. Fussner’s lender, Chase, was one of those who had agreed to to so.

Read more on this homeowner who literally died trying to save his home from foreclosure.

Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Rams SUV into Home

From bulldozers to SUVs, some homeowners take the route of, “If I can’t have it . . . neither can you; at least not in good condition.” To that end, one Ohio homeowner who was served with a foreclosure notice from his lender rammed his SUV into his home, causing quite a bit of structural damage.

The article, Sheriff: Ohio man rams SUV into foreclosed home, states:

30-year-old Steve Doak told deputies he was recently served with foreclosure papers and wanted to destroy the house rather than turn it over to the bank. The sheriff’s office says Doak drove the vehicle into fencing and then into the rear of the house . . . They say he did extensive structural damage . . .


These foreclosure horror stories detail how emotion-packed losing one’s home can be.

Let’s hope the foreclosure crisis starts to abate soon.

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