My Home Foreclosure Story: How I Recovered at 50+ & Why You Can Too

My name is Yuwanda Black. I’m a freelance writer and the publisher of this site (along with a few others). I started this blog in 2009 when the home foreclosure crisis was still raging.

I’ve been a realtor and a mortgage consultant in my previous professional lives. This prepared me nicely for my freelance writing career as personal finance, mortgages, credit repair, real estate, etc., happen to be topics I enjoy writing about.

But … starting this blog was also a personal journey. I lost my home to foreclosure during the crisis and the more I read and learned about how it all happened, I felt compelled to share the info.

Starting this blog was also a business move; ie, to promote helpful products and services related to this industry. So in a sense, you might say that the stars aligned to give me my “dream writing / online marketing” freelance job. But, I digress.

Losing a Home to Foreclosure: Facing the Shame

When I lost my home to foreclosure (voluntary foreclosure), I was ashamed, embarrassed and felt like the biggest financial disaster walking. I was almost 50, had practically zero in retirement (thanks to pouring money into a the sinking asset that was my home), and scared s**tless about my future.

My Biggest Fear in Life

Know what it is? Growing old and being poor. And there it was … staring me smack dab in the face! For all of her great points, America is “No Country for Old Men” (or women), to borrow a movie title.

How did I get to this point? I’d been working all my life (since I was 11). Literally, mowing lawns was my first “job.” My stepfather bought me and the sister closest in age to me a lawn mower. We lived in a trailer park with 64 lots and went door to door asking neighbors if they wanted their grass cut. That’s how we saved for new school clothes every year.

After all of that and many more jobs under my belt — almost 40 years later — I found myself at poverty’s door. One day, I took a hard look at my finances, divorced myself from the emotion of my situation and took charge of my life. I knew had to do something drastic, or my greatest fear would indeed come true.

Why Losing My Home to Foreclosure Was the Best Financial “Mistake” I Ever Made

When I look back now, I can honestly say that losing my home to foreclosure — even though it was voluntary — was one of the best things that ever happened to me, financially and personally.

So here’s my home foreclosure story — and how I recovered from it at almost 50. And yes, there is life after foreclosure; a great life. But you have to pull that band-aid off, face your financial reality, and make moves to get “unpoor” as I call it.

Now, I’m on track to have the nice retirement I always dreamed of. If you’re in the same situation, just know, you can recover — if you take action.

Share Your Foreclosure Story

I’m always seeking personal stories of home foreclosure. If you have one, please send it it. You can do so anonymously, or openly (I’ll gladly link back to your site, of course). Share how it happened, what lessons you learned, how you felt about it, and anything else you want others to know. I’d be honored to publish it.

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What Happens to People Who Lose Their Home to Foreclosure? It’s Not as Bad as You May Think

While foreclosure does force many people to move, most do not end up in “substantially less” desirable neighborhoods or more crowded living conditions. Although, they are less likely to live in owner-occupied housing and also tend to move to denser, more urban neighborhoods.

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Happy 4th of July

America turns 236 years old today.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving! “Foreclosure News the Average Joe Can Use!” Find Trusted Vendors, eg, Foreclosure Lawyers, Mortgage Consultants, Cleaning Co’s, Etc.

Please keep those who are less fortunate in your prayers this festive season — especially those who have no home, whether it’s due to foreclosure or other reasons.

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House Selling Tips for Unloading a Foreclosed Home Quickly During the Holidays

If you’re facing foreclosure and trying to sell your home during the holidays, there are some unique challenges you may face this time of year. Following are some house selling tips for how to make your home attractive to buyers so that it sells quickly.

House Selling Tips on Holiday Décor – Should You Remove Religious Themes?

Christmas is a religious holiday. But, there are many religions. So the question for those trying to sell their home this time of year becomes, “Should I remove religious-themed décor, or leave it up?”

There are two schools of thought on this.

Some realtors say that as long as it’s tasteful and not over the top, it shouldn’t turn off potential buyers and is fine to leave it up. But, what is “tasteful” to one person may be offensive to someone else. There is no one standard by which to judge this idea of tastefulness.

And, this is exactly why other realtors may tell you to remove all religious-themed décor altogether. After all, they argue, if you’re trying to stop foreclosure by selling your home, you need to do everything you can and if there’s even the remote possibility that someone could be turned off by your décor, then you should remove it.

The bottom line is, it’s up to you.


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House Selling Tips on Ethnic Holiday Décor – Should You Remove It, or Not?

Similar to religious themed holiday décor, there is no one race. And, many homeowners decorate their homes for the holidays that reflect their race and their culture.

Is this a turn-off, or a non-issue for potential buyers?

On one side you have those who say as long as it’s not “over the top,” it can be left up. On the other hand you have those who say your holiday décor should be as “neutral” as possible. But again, who defines what is “over the top” or “neutral”?

Best bet – keep décor simple.

2 Holiday House Selling Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Smells Sell: Buying a home is as much an emotional as a financial decision. And when emotions are involved, all of our senses are affected. Smell is one of the most powerful, for we associate it with feelings. Nothing “feels” like home more than familiar smells of fresh-baked cookies or a home-made pie, for example.

Cinnamon apple, peach, blueberry, pumpkin – these are all familiar holiday smells of baked goods that can “attach” a potential buyer to a house. So when you know you have a showing, fire up that oven and get the good smells going.

Be Open to Appointments: While it may be an inconvenience, be open to showing your home on a moment’s notice. Remember, if you’re trying to stop foreclosure and sell quickly, there are many out of towners who may be in town and interested. So, their schedules may be limited. Hence, help your realtor by being flexible with showing time.

Holiday House Selling Tips: Conclusion

If you do these things, along with keeping your home clean (even though it may be trying especially this time of year with family and friends in and out), you’ll have a better chance of selling your home and avoiding foreclosure.

Get a state by state breakdown of how long the foreclosure process takes.

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Home Foreclosure News: 1.2 Million Homes Lost to Recession (Foreclosures a Big Factor as Many Squeeze in w/Relatives & Friends)

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