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Get Firsthand Advice for a Real Estate Investor, Landlord and RE Cleaning Company Owner

In the newly released ebook, How to Invest in a Home for Under 10K & Have a $45/Mo Mortgage!, the author explains everything you need to know about investing in what she terms these “dusty muffins.”

You’ll Learn:

How to find properties for under 10K in which to invest;

How to run the “investing numbers” and what they mean;

How to research the best areas in which to buy cheap foreclosures;

Why you should pay cash (if you can) for cheap foreclosures;

What Section 8 is and why it can be profitable when you buy cheap foreclosures;

Prepare for unexpected repairs (ie, how to plan for them so they don’t blow your budget);

Pitfalls to avoid when buying cheap foreclosures; and most importantly

How to buy cheap foreclosures and start creating wealth (you’ll be amazed at how the numbers add up AND how quickly!).


Cheap, Bank-Owned Properties: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

The sheer numbers of these types of houses on the market make it an excellent time to invest in foreclosures and set yourself up to retire early and be secure financially– forever.


Imagine buying a $40,000 house for $4,000 and then reselling it way, way under market value for $18,000.

There are deals like this to be had in any market. Now, because the foreclosure market is red hot, many are focusing on it. But, there are seasoned investors who’ve been doing these kinds of deals even in a good real estate market. We’ll show you how you can too!

Finally – access to a REAL Insider Real Estate Investor’s List 

Attn: Real Estate Investors!

You can buy homes for as little as $2,500 and sell them for as much as $50,000 to $60,000! No Bull, No BS.

In any market, there are always deals to be had. The HARD PART, is finding them. Not any longer!

No more hunting for houses – they just show up in your in-box. Every package is sent out nationwide to this investor list at the same time so you have as great a chance as all other investors. Every one of these packages is direct from the source at ROCK BOTTOM prices.

With this service, you get a direct line to the SOURCE!

Get full details on how to buy foreclosures cheap – just like the big boys!

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